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Are you looking for a way to increase awareness of your book? Are you the type of person who believes in helping others by openly sharing your expertise?

If so, you should be a guest on The Marketing Book Podcast!

Being a guest on The Marketing Book Podcast will give you exposure to an audience of business owners and marketing and sales professionals who can benefit from reading your book and learning more about you.

"Podcasts were far and away the leader in how people who bought our book said they heard about it, despite the podcast audiences not being enormous.”


Gabriel Weinberg, CEO and Co-Founder of DuckDuckGo and co-author of "Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth."


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Douglas Burdett

Hi - I'm Douglas Burdett and I genuinely appreciate your interest in being a guest on The Marketing Book Podcast, which was named by LinkedIn as one of "10 Podcasts that Will Make You a Better Marketer" and by Forbes as one of "11 Smart Podcasts That Will Keep You In The Know."





The Marketing Book Podcast audience is in 150 countries and continues to grow.

 150 Countries


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You and your book are what I want to highlight, especially your advice and opinions on modern marketing (and sales). During our interview, I will ask about the key ideas and actionable insights from your book, with the goal of giving the listener as much practical advice as possible.

Several authors have been surprised that I actually read their books before interviewing them. I mention that because I enjoy making sure each interview is a great listening experience for my growing audience of people who want to learn more about books like yours.

But I want your 45-minute time investment to be worth your while as well.

After your interview is published, I will promote it extensively via email and social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest).

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And occasionally, I speak or write about the books that have been featured on The Marketing Book Podcast. Here's a post I did for Oracle Marketing Cloud's Modern Marketing Blog.

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Your Book

Congratulations on your book! 

I tend to feature new books from major publishers and/or bestselling authors that have actionable marketing (and sales) insights, tips, tactics and resources. Self-published books are rarely featured.

Books do not have to be hot off the presses. If it’s a great book, I want to share it with my listeners regardless of when it was published. 

Here's how to get me your book for consideration.

Please send a PRINTED COPY to Douglas Burdett c/o ARTILLERY, 1709 Colley Ave, Suite 308, Norfolk VA 23517. If the book is still in the works, an advance reading copy or galley is fine. If I think your book will be a hit with my listeners, I'll be in touch.

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